Wood Shed           wood shed


Wood burners are becoming more popular and it is necessary to find somewhere to store all that wood ! 

Wood is better seasoned for a year before burning so a wood shed should have the capacity for a large supply.


Woodshed diagram 

top and get a piece of steel to cover it

Above is the finished design of the woodshed requirements for a recent customer.

We can offer a wood shed made to your exact requirements at a price that can match off-the-peg items on offer from the big name DIY Suppliers. 

You can buy a cheap log shed online  - we found one from Screwfix for around £104   -  Overall dimensions W x D x H: 1215 x 882 x 1289mm. It then takes 30 minutes to build (they say)  and the reviews then indicate that it leaks !

Itís half the width and 2/3 the height of the one that we built to a customer's specification which is pictured here. 


      Finished Woodshed 


So the off-the-peg version is 1/3 of the capacity and 1/3 of the price.  Our bespoke version is the same price per volume of storage as their off-the-peg version... but our price includes design, supply and full assembly (including the roofing felt which  makes it leak proof!).

Our finished woodshed is made from treated timber to protect it from the elements, a sloping roof with large overhang to shield the logs from rain, and slatted shelves and sides for optimum air circulation.  

wood shed