Layout Alteration


IIn this project, you had to walk through the living room (orange door) to get to the kitchen (via the grey door).


So the idea was to create a small vestibule in this space, moving the kitchen door  towards us and the living room door further away so that the two rooms can be accessed separately

So we blocked up the old kitchen door and knocked out the wall on the right  to house the new door.

You can now see the new opening for the living room door moved to the back of the vestibule.


Et voila ! One completed vestibule with independent access to the kitchen and the living room.


Looking at the project from the kitchen it developed like this ...

Note that the old kitchen door was blocked up but the opportunity was taken to use the old opening to make a built-in shelving system.

Looking at the project from the living room you can see the formation of the vestibule



Project Costs


The project took 24 man days to complete - total labour cost of  1800


This breaks down into

Exploratory preperation (1day) 

Removing old wall and clearing up (1 day)

Building vestibule from wooden studs (2 days)

Electrics - first fix (1/2 day)

Dry Lining  (1 day) 

Plastering  (2 days) 

Skirting / Architrave  (1 day)

Decorating aand builtin shelving  (3 days)

Electrics - 2nd  fix  (1/2 day)



Equipment hire    50

Wood 120

Plasterboard and plaster 30

Electrics and Lights  50

Paint   50