17 Peel Grove was purchased in January 2005.



The following  photos show the condition of the house at the time of purchase.




The house came with ...

a new(ish)  roof

some remortaring to the rear

three decent ceilings…er…

a nice built-in cupboard in the living room  …

and not much else!


Unfortunately the house also came with ...

ramshackle outbuildings
decaying windows
bulging and sagging ceilings
a lead water supply
mutilated gas pipes and flue both dangerous and rendered unusable
very old wiring
no central heating (or heating of any kind!)
a damp kitchen (and matching bathroom!)
and ... aged carpets, pinky-orange woodwork, thick and aged wallpaper and wood panel fascia that was attempting to mask the problems that lay behind, including damp plaster and very sparse mortaring (is that daylight I can see through that wall?!)





And so the task was to produce a comfortable home with new windows, wiring, plumbing, kitchen, bathroom and an extra third bedroom, created by dividing the large front bedroom into a bedroom and separate bathroom.

I aimed to do this over a period of eleven months on a budget of £15,000 pounds.